• Melissa Tamesar

My Hair Routine for the Curly Girls!

Curls! Curls! Curls!! Hate them or love them, curly hair is back, finally being accepted, and is HERE TO STAY!! I’ve always had curly hair and as a kid, naturally, my hair would curl into tight tendrils. Between the ages of 5 – 11 my mom always had my long curly hair in braids, which in turn ruined my curl pattern. (Disclaimer: for those women who have extremely textured hair, wearing braids throughout a period of your life, most likely wouldn’t affect your curl pattern.) From the ages of 12 – 18, I finally let my hair down, however I would drench it in oil, or mousse, or gel. For a good period of my life, understanding how to take care of curls was always a problem. After washing my hair, I would take a towel, flip my hair over, wrap the towel around my hair and rub it back and forth. As a result, my hair would look frizzy and I would conclude that my hair was dead and dry, which was the reason why I would put so much oily products in my hair! I thought it would make my hair look shiny and healthy *face palm*. Luckily for me, I have a cousin who is also a curly girl, and after years of dying and flat ironing her hair, she wanted to get her natural curls back. In the 90s and 2000s there weren’t too many products specific for curly hair. Most of the curly hair products were meant for women with very dense and textured hair, which would result in weighing my hair down. After doing loads of research, my cousin found and introduced me to Deva Curl! Since then, I’ve been using Deva Curl products in my hair, and I haven’t turned back. A few reasons why I love this brand are; 1) the brand is specific for curly hair, meaning they specialize in it. This is very important in my opinion. To me, this means they’ve only focused on curly hair and perfecting a formula to make all types of curly hair great. 2) They carry products for all densities of curly hair. If you have very slight waves, then using a heavy product meant for dense tight curls obviously isn’t meant for you. Deva Curl has differently weighted products meant for curl types 1A to 4C at all different levels. 3) The products are water based. Oily products will weigh down the curl, causing the curls to stretch out rather than springing into their natural pattern. There are several other curly hair products out there that I’m sure work just as well as Deva Curl, however, this is what works for me!

So now let’s get into how I take care of my hair and the products I use! First of all, my hair curl type is 3B. Like I mentioned before, Deva Curl has a few levels of products for all curl types; Delight (for the wavey girl), Original (for the curly girl), and Decadence (for the super curly girl). I use the products under the “Original” category. The four products I use in the line are the No-Poo Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser shampoo, One Condition Daily Cream Conditioner, the Styling Cream Touchable Curl Definer Define and Control, and the Melt in to Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask.

So to begin with hair care, I do a full wash on my hair once a week. I start by lathering one pump of the No-Poo shampoo throughout my hair from root to tip. I rinse it out and then use a plastic wide tooth comb to comb out my hair while in the shower. It’s important to note that combing through your WET hair with a wide tooth comb is the way to detangle your hair and define your curls. After I’ve combed through my hair in the shower, I lean my head out of the water and scrunch my hair gently to squeeze out the water. Then I apply the Melt into Moisture mask generously throughout my hair, put it into a bun and put a shower cap on and carry on with the rest of my shower. When I’m finished with everything I need to do in the shower, I thoroughly rinse out the hair mask, scrunch my hair a little and then apply about a pump and a half of conditioner and a half pump of the styling cream into my hair. *Please note that the amount of each product that you use are based off of how much hair you have. Also note that you can use the conditioner as a regular conditioner that you rinse out after shampooing, or as a leave in conditioner, which is what I do*. When I’ve done all of that I scrunch my hair for the curls to get back their natural spring. I should also mention that my hair care routine is typically done before I go to bed, so I don’t blow dry/towel dry, I typically let my hair air dry. My pillowcase is silk which helps to eliminate the chances of frizz. When I sleep, I flip my hair upwards so I’m not lying on the curls and flattening them out. When I wake up in the morning, my curls are defined and tight, so I just flip my hair over, gently shake out my curls for volume, and taa-daa!!! My curls are ready to face the day! Every other night I rinse my hair in warm water, massage a bead of shampoo to my scalp (I box every day and my scalp gets super sweaty which is why I shampoo every day), rinse it out and then apply the conditioner and cream as usual. I use the Melt into Moisture mask once a week because my hair is naturally very healthy, so using it more than once would be excessive for me. If I do wash my hair during the day and need it to dry immediately, then after applying the conditioner and cream, I’ll take a T-shirt and scrunch my hair till it stop dripping with water and then diffuse it with the blow-dryer on cool. I avoid using heat in my hair at all costs and I rarely ever flat iron it. I get it cut at a specialized curly hair salon twice a year, since I want to keep the length and I rarely get split ends, and I make sure to eat healthy so that it reflects in my hair! My curls have definitely improved over the years, however it will take time to get them back to the 3C tendrils that they were.

As per usual, I’d like to give the disclaimer that the products I use and the routine I follow is what works for me and the look I’m going for. Genetics also plays a huge factor in the end result of what your waves/curls will look like! Obviously for some of you, my routine will work wonders for you, as it has for me, while the rest of you can use parts of my routine and then use parts of your own! The point is, I’m now able to tame my curls and with the release of all the amazing products that are out on the market, you all can too!

I’d love to hear feedback from you guys, about the different products you use and tips and tricks you’ve learned over the years for your curly hair!