• Melissa Tamesar

My Secret to Strong and Healthy Hair

In my previous post entitled, My Hair Routine for the Curly Girls, I discussed how I treat my hair topically. Yes, it’s super important to choose carefully what you put on your hair, however, it’s just as important what you put in your body, as it will affect your outer beauty! I typically trim my hair every six months because I’ve stopped putting heat and harsh chemicals in it to bring back my curls in full effect. The last trim I had back in 2018 was in September. My stylist may have gotten a little scissors-happy and brought my long locks to a medium length. For about 2 months my hair didn‘t appear to get any longer, rather it almost looked like my growth was least to me it did. In the 3rd month, I decided to add two special ingredients to my food and my healthy morning green drinks! To be honest, these two special ingredients were initially added to help take my body and energy to the next level, it just so happened that my incredible hair growth was one of the effects of using them. And the two special ingredients are *drumroll*.....CHIA & FLAXSEEDS! I started adding these babies to literally everything. Within a month of using them religiously, I started noticing intense length coming back to my hair! My curls also looked even healthier as a result of them too. I added chia and flaxseeds to my food and drinks for two months straight and then without intent, I stopped. I stopped because I ran out and I was too lazy to go to the store and buy more *facepalm*. I got another trim about a week ago and my hairstylist was impressed with how long, thick and healthy my hair looked! I’ve started to add back chia and flaxseeds into my foods, and this time I have every intention of keeping them in my daily lifestyle and beauty routine.

Here are the reasons why you should add these fab seeds to your everyday life to enhance your beauty!

Chia seeds are FILLED with protein and Omega 3's which are very necessary for strong healthy hair. These oils strengthen elasticity, protect hair from damage, and will nourish hair follicles. The fatty acids in these seeds also assist with healing blemishes, acne, and will protect the outer layer of your skin from bacterial infections.

Flaxseeds, just like chia, are loaded with Omega oils. Studies have shown that consistent use of flaxseeds prevent hair loss, dandruff, and scalp eczema. Flaxseeds also have Vitamin E in them which helps to slow down the graying process of your hair and will increase blood circulation so your scalp and roots will be nourished. Also like chia seeds, flaxseeds help with acne, healing wounds on your skin, and will reduce rashes and skin irrtation.

I highly recommend that you start adding flax and chia seeds to your diet today! The effects are amazing and go even further beyond beauty. Some times we spend so much money looking for the right artificial products to enhance our looks, when all we need is to start adding more natural healthy foods to our diets! I promise you, the differences you'll see after a few weeks/months of consuming these seeds will get you hooked on using nature as your spa treatments ;)

*Disclaimer! chia and flaxseeds may not be fore everyone and the effects of them may be different for everyone.*