• Melissa Tamesar

Natural Sources of Anti-Aging

When it comes to my body and health, I’m always looking for natural and organic ways to solve whatever bodily concerns I have. I love going the organic route because if you follow it consistently, it will work for the long term and it will also affect other parts of your body positively. Also, you don’t really have to worry about any negative side effects, depending on what the organic solution you’re deciding to use. The main downfall to using the Earth as your healer is that you sometimes won’t see results until months down the line. The upside to using organic methods to heal your body is that it works from the inside out. Like I’ve established in my last post about how the aging process works on skin, it all begins from the inside of the body and the dermis, then works its way out to the epidermis (top layer of skin that we see). Therefore, in order to correct or maintain flawless skin, we need to start from the inside of our bodies.

The three ingredients that make up majority of anti-aging face products are; Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Please note: I have nothing against using creams with these products, but like I said, I always like to find organic alternatives or organic solutions that I can pair with manmade solutions. Now that I’ve made my stance clear, let’s get into this anti-aging trifecta.


Retinoids are one of the key ingredients present in any anti-aging cream. This ingredient is very effective and is also very strong! Retinoids help to smooth out textural imperfections, wrinkles and skin tones. It’s primarily made up of Vitamin A. Knowing this, I decided to search for plant-based foods that are rich in Vitamin A. These foods include;

· Carrots

· Cantaloupe

· Sweet potatoes

· Papayas

· Broccoli

· Mangoes *my favourite ;)

· Tomatoes

· Bell peppers

· Kale

· Collards

· Swiss chard

Taking Vitamin A supplements (as long as it’s approved by your doctor) will assist in the look of your skin!

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Alphas)

AHAs is another very prominent ingredient in anti-aging products. The purposes of AHAs are to reduce pore sizes, clear up acne, decrease wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance of skin. Foods with AHAs present in them are;

· Sugar cane *another favourite of mine ;)

· Citrus fruits

· Apples

Hyaluronic Acid (retains moisture)

This the final of the key anti-aging trifecta. Hyaluronic Acids help to keep the skin plump and moisturized, which will prevent wrinkles. Foods that you’re able to get Hyaluronic Acids from are;

· Bone broth – yes, I know this isn’t considered plant based, however pretty much every anti-aging solution will include some form of this in their product. It’s very potent in Hyaluronic Acids and is very effective. Leaving animals bones to simmer in hot water for over 24 hours, will get all the nutrients needed to get Has.

· Soy

· Leafy Greens

· Root vegetables that are starchy

· Citrus fruits

Please note that all the foods mentioned above are primarily plant-based. There are other food sources that are rich in the anti-aging trifecta. I found the best way for me to incorporate several of these foods into my daily life was from blending them all together and making a drink out of them or a soup! I’ve also seen people use these foods and turn them into face masks to double the benefits. Consume these foods consistently and your skin will definitely thank you for it!