• Melissa Tamesar

Rejuvenating Dyed Hair - What I Consume & What I Apply

During my last trip to the hair salon, my hairstylist complimented how healthy and luscious my curls were looking and the colour job I did in my hair. She asked about the products I use to maintain the look of salon, styled hair. For me, it’s not just the products I use, but also the overall care that I take of it! I box-dye my hair (don’t you dare “boo” me for that!!) twice a year, followed by a trim a few days after. I know that seems like SUCH a far distance a part, which it is, but I do that to help maintain the strength and length of my hair. I typically choose a colour that’s a shade or two lighter than my natural colour so when roots come in, it doesn’t look very noticeable. I also rarely ever put hot irons/wands in my hair. When it comes to curly hair, you literally have to do anything and everything to get your curls looking their best and not like a big frizzy mess! With all of that said, I know many of my readers wouldn’t be able to maintain their tresses this way and would have to dye and style their hair a lot more often. It’s very possible to do all of those things to your hair and still maintain health, shine, and toned colour.

We all know how much I love to preach about healthy clean eating, especially plant-based, because what you’re putting into your body affects your beauty GREATLY. On top of eating well, I also use supplements to assist with the health of my dyed curly hair. For at least 5 days of the week I use Biotin, Silica, Omega Oil, and Iron. I have an iron deficiency, and with low iron comes dry, crispy, fried looking hair (which I had for the longest time). My low iron also caused my hair to turn slightly red…and this was without any dyes. The combination of the 4 really changed the health of my hair, and now the strands are no longer looking fine and limp. As mentioned in previous articles, I also use a lot of chia seeds and flax seeds which has thickened my hair. To see true results, you’ll need to consume all of these at least 5 days a week for 3 months. Nothing will wholly work overnight. Also note, that depending on your current health situation, you may need to get an ‘okay’ from your doctor before using these things. If you don’t have an iron deficiency then DO NOT take iron supplements. Too much iron will result in iron poisoning. I eat fairly plant-based so in order to ensure I’m getting everything I need I take these supplements.

Now that we know what I put in the inside, time to talk about what to put on the outside! Even though I only dye my hair twice a year, for curls especially, that’s still very intense. I’ve come across 4 amazing products that work wonders to my colour and strength of my hair:

1) Deva Curl Melt into Moisture TM Matcha Green Tea Butter Conditioning Mask- At the moment, I use this product once a week, every week. The smell is heavenly *insert heart eyes here*. I wash my hair right at the beginning of my shower, squeeze out all the water, and then generously apply this mask from root to tip. Afterwards, I put my hair up in a bun at the top of my head, do everything else I need to do in the shower, and after about 10 min or so, rinse out the mask. This leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. My warning about this product is to make sure you completely rinse it all out or else the residue will weigh down your curls.

2) Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector – I feel like this is one of THE MOST popular hair brands with good reason. Olaplex products works wonders in your hair, ESPECIALLY for dyed hair. I’ve only ever tried Olaplex No3 but even with just that alone my hair looked 3x better. I was introduced to this a few years ago by my cousin who has super thick and curly hair with loads of highlights and lowlights. Some of her highlights consisted of platinum blonde, which we all know is hard to maintain. Olaplex No3 revitalized the colour, brought more bounce to her curls, and smoothed out the individual strands. Olaplex No3 is also a treatment, just like Deva Curl’s Melt into MoistureTM. This treatment is applied before you shampoo your hair. First you rinse your hair, apply a generous amount of it from root to tip, let it sit for 10-15 min., rinse it out and then shampoo and condition your hair right after. I can’t stress it enough, but Olaplex truly does wonders to coloured hair and it works for ALL hair types. Please note, that you’ll see the greatest results with Olapex when you use the entire line together.

3) Fanola No Orange Mask- This one came highly recommended to me by several clients. My natural hair colour is chestnut brown but with any colour I put in it, regardless how ashy, it always turns out too brassy. I’ve always heard of purple shampoos/conditioners to take the yellow out of platinum blondes, but the Fanola No Orange takes the orange out of darker coloured hair! In this case I’m recommending the mask first because toning shampoos can be very drying to your hair, and especially when you’ve coloured your hair, the last thing you want to do is dry it out even more. With that said, I haven’t tried the shampoo to know whether or not it would dry my hair out, so this is just an assumption. In regards to the mask, you’ll definitely want to wear gloves when applying this. It’s blue and may leave a blue pigment in your hands. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply this generously from root to tip. Leave it in your hair for 5-10 min. (the length of time is determinate on how brassy your hair is and how much more ashy you want it to be. If you’re using box dye instead of salon dye, then you’ll probably want to leave it in for 10 min.). After that, rinse it out thoroughly. You may see a tint of blue in your hair thereafter, but this will only last for a few washes. Please keep in mind, this isn’t a permanent solution. You’ll need to use this mask every so often in order to keep away the brassiness. I suggest 2-3x a month. Fanola also carries a No Yellow line for all you lighter-haired women!

4) Alma Oil – So this product definitely has an acquired smell. Some love it, some hate it…it’s definitely pungent, but I like it! I used this for a year a few years ago and I definitely recommend it as a treatment to do every now and again. Any strong and pure oils like Alma Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil will do the trick! It will rejuvenate your hair and bring it back to health, but it just require some patience to wash it out! Before washing my hair or getting it wet, I applied Alma oil from root to tip, putting a lot of focus on my roots and scalp. I would massage my scalp with it for 2-5min. This stimulated blood flow and growth. Then I’d twist my hair into a bun and leave it to soak into my hair for about 30min to an hour. After that I’d wash my hair as normal. When washing, I may had to shampoo twice just to make sure I got all the oil out of it so it wouldn’t weigh down my curls. Afterwards my hair would look full and healthy again, and the colour would look vibrant. After doing this once a week for 3 months, my hair was also looking thicker.

Dying and styling my hair took a toll on the health of my hair, however after all the products that I’ve tried, these ones made the most difference to the look and texture of it. The treatments may work differently, for different people and their hair situations, but these are the ones that gave me, my clients with coloured hair, and family members with coloured hair the best results. I’m sure at least one of these products will work wonders for you too!