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Why Try Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Clear, smooth, and even skin is not only a sign of good health and hygiene, but also a confidence booster. We’re bombarded on the daily with lotions and potions meant to fix skin conditions and imperfections, but solutions, like injectable treatments and harsh acidic creams can take a toll on our skin, bank accounts, and time. When I learned about laser skin rejuvenation and the benefits of the treatment, I knew I could not resist offering it to my clients. Depending on what they’re treating, many have seen results instantly and are loving it! Laser skin rejuvenation assists in treating some of the most common skin imperfections that many people start to see as early as 25 years old. Of course the amount of treatment sessions are conditional to what the client is treating. Below is a list of the benefits I found in laser skin rejuvenation.

1) It’s non-invasive. No needles, blades, acidic creams or chemicals! Just lay back, and let your technician give you a gentle pain-free facial with a laser.

2) It treats a range of textural and pigmentation problems, which includes;

a. Fine lines and wrinkles

b. Acne scars

c. Sun spots

d. Enlarged pores

e. Elastosis

f. Mottled pigmentation

g. Dyschromia

h. Rosacea

i. Broken capillaries

j. Spider veins

3) Effectively and efficiently reduces signs of aging

4) Stimulates collagen production! Laser skin rejuvenation will replace damaged collagen fibres with new ones and promote self-healing in the skin

5) Improves skin’s health and aesthetics and results in more youthful looking skin

6) Long-lasting results achieved in a few treatment sessions

7) Even more effective when paired with other treatments like Botox and Juvederm

8) No unsightly scarring or evidence of irritation post-treatment

9) Treatments are short and happen once a month until you reach desired results

10) Suitable for face, neck, chest, and hands

11) Outpatient procedure! Unlike other treatments, this one is a fast procedure in which you will not have to stay the night.

These are just a few of the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation, as the list is endless! Treatment results will vary per person, and certain medications and illnesses may affect how the treatment works. Not sure if laser skin rejuvenation is for you? Book your free consultation today with #LookOfLoveLashes, and let’s get started with your road to brighter and even more beautiful skin today!


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