Want beautifully curled and bold lashes without the hassle of mascara and with little to no maintenance as eyelash extensions? A lash lift & tint may be just what you’re looking for! This quick procedure takes about 40min to an hour to complete, and will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. The “lift” is a perm that is done on natural lashes to give it that curled and lengthy look. The “tint” is the dye to darken the lashes, giving it a mascara look! Thinking you just want either the lift or the tint alone? Not a problem, we do that too! The best part about a lift and & tint is the minimal aftercare. Unlike with lash extensions, you can your eyes, put mascara on your lashes, and sleep on your face all without having to worry about ruining your lift and tint! How exciting!?!
Book your lash lift & tint appointment today, and let us help make your morning routine even shorter!