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say good-bye to stretch marks, unwanted fat, cellulite, and loose skin!

Achieving our desired shape and look with just diet and exercise alone is a struggle for many of us. Cellulite, stretchmarks, saggy skin, and unwanted fat can make us feel self-conscious and even uncomfortable. Luckily, here at Elegant Reign we have a solution for all of that! Using new and improved technology, Elegant Reign is now able to offer their clients laser Body & Face Contouring! With this non-invasive and very relaxing treatment, clients will see and feel the results after their treatments. Our laser Body Contouring treatment will assist with fat and inch loss, tightening your skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks all in one treatment! Laser Face Contouring will tighten the skin around your neck and jaw, giving your face a sharper appearance and minimize the lines and wrinkles around your lower face. Laser Contouring is fast and painless, and is 100% harmless! The way it works is, the heat of the laser will burn the fat and remove the toxins from the treatment area. The fat will pass through your lymphatic system and will be released from your body via urine. No need for diet pills or surgery, as long as you can maintain a healthy lifestyle you will be able to fully enjoy the results of our Body & Face Contouring treatment!




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