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GTA & Durham Region Healthcare Workers ONLY!


In lieu of Nurse Appreciation Week, we wanted to honour our healthcare workers!


From May 8th - 13th, Elegant Reign Inc. (located North Whitby) wants to gift you and your

favourite coworker one FREE laser hair removal session on your underarms or full Brazilian region!



What you need to do:


Fill out the form below, book in your single session treatment for laser hair removal on either your

Brazilian or underarms using the code: HEALTH at checkout for your free session,

& send it to your favourite coworker so they can book in as well!



- Those who are breastfeeding/pregnant, you will NOT be applicable for the treatment

- We're currently only able to accommodate skin types 1-5

- We cannot laser you if you are menstruating 

- If you are using any medications or have any medical conditions, please first confirm with

your doctor that you are able to receive laser hair removal without any severe reactions.


When you book in your treatment you will receive 2 emails; 1) confirmation 2) Preparation Email with location.


We look forward to meeting you and showing you our appreciation!

 Submit & Book Single Underarm or Brazilian Session Between May 8th - 13th Using Code: HEALTH 

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