4 Highly Recommended Natural Deoarants

As many of us are becoming more conscious about what we’re putting INTO our bodies, we are becoming just as conscious about what we are putting ON to our bodies.

Several studies have proven the disadvantages there are to using regular deodorants with harmful ingredients, like aluminum, in them. It’s been reported that deodorants with harmful ingredients in them can cause liver damage, act as a catalyst to breast cancer, clog your pores, and store toxins in your body. The alternative "defunker" to use would be natural what's the problem? A natural deodorant that actually works is really hard to come by!😩 And let’s face it, we only have so much in our budget for us to spend testing out random natural deodorant. Natural deodorant is especially recommended if you're treating your underarm hair with laser hair removal.

So to help you out, we’