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Am I Allowed to Shave in between Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

So either you've started laser hair removal (LHR) treatments, or you're considering starting LHR with the hopes that you won't have to shave anymore. You know that shaving is tedious and a pain, so the goal is to ditch the razor altogether. Well after talking to your laser tech, and/or a few friends who've done laser you find out that the only hair removal method allowed between sessions is shaving, and now you're feeling betrayed, heartbroken, confused, and you're gazing out your window like a sad Kermit the Frog.

One of the most frequently asked questions I've received over my several years of performing laser treatments on people are, "why do I have to shave between sessions" and "wouldn't shaving thicken the hair that we're lasering?" To answer the first question, you don't HAVE to shave between appointments, however if you prefer to have hairless skin throughout your treatments then shaving is the only acceptable form of hair removal you're allowed to do. The laser that's used for LHR specifically targets the melanin in the follicles. Waxing, tweezing, or any other method that takes the hair out from the root will leave an empty follicle, thus leaving nothing for the laser to read. So in short, in order to kill the follicle, something needs to be in it!

The second question is a very important one, especially for women who are lasering hair off of their face. Yes, I understand the thought of shaving your face seems a little masculine and unorthodox, but this will be the best way for your to maintain clean soft skin between sessions, and also avoid ingrown hairs. Shaving while lasering should not cause the hair to grow back thicker, since the laser is working on destroying the active follicles. For the average person, seeing results after just one LHR treatment is fairly common. The amount of hair and/or the density will be significantly less than pre-treatment. As the sessions progress, and assuming there are no changes in your hormones or other variables that affects hair growth (which your technician should discuss in more detail with you beforehand), you will see hair growth/density reduction after each treatment. Shaving will become less and less, and the surface area you'll need to shave also decreases. You may only experiences a few small patches of hair growth.

Still have more questions about laser hair removal? Or have you already made up your mind and you're ready to begin your hair-free journey? Go to our "Book Online" page, select "laser hair removal for face" or "laser hair removal for body" and book a free consultation with us today! It's time to start taking your acts of self-care up a level 😉


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