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6 Reasons to have Laser Hair Removal Done by a Professional Instead of At Home

Elegant Reign client receiving laser hair removal treatment

Since the release of a few at-home laser treatments, I’ve been asked how effective it is to do laser hair removal at home, versus having a professional at a reputable business do it. Below is a list of a few reasons why you shouldn’t take this decision lightly, and why you should consider having the pros do it! 

  1. The professional understands the process better than you do it. Since they’re working on a range of clients everyday with different bodily hair goals, types, health, and complexions, they’ll be able to explain the process of hair growth and removal better to you while answering any questions you may have. 

  2. DIY laser machines don’t work on all skin types. Complexion of skin, hair, and density of hair are all taken into consideration by your professional when treating you. Your professional laser tech will be able to adjust the machine accordingly so that it suits your situation at best. DIY machines typically don’t work well on darker skin tones, and could potentially cause burning. 

  3. The professionals have more range to work with. DIY machines have a smaller range of intensity compared to the machines used in a clinic. Because of this, it may take longer to see the results with a DIY machine. Professionals are able to adjust their machine accordingly to suit your progress. 

  4. Length of time. Laser hair removal with a professional can result in seeing a decrease in hair within the first few treatments. DIY machines can take months before you’re able to start seeing any changes in growth. By the 6th-8th treatment, clients attending a laser clinic can see approximately 90% of the hair gone, depending on the body part. There is no set number with DIY laser machines.

  5. Time spent in sessions. Spending about an hour (+) at home lasering yourself is a tedious task. You want to be able to hit every body part evenly, and you’ll probably be sore from all the yoga positions you had to sit in just to get the laser to reach there. At a clinic, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your treatment in a significantly shorter time while your professional takes care of all the areas you can and cannot reach. 

  6. Reputable clinics follow the guidelines. Using at-home laser machines can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly, and whether or not it will work on your skin tone. During your consultation at a clinic, your technician will go through a questionnaire with you to ensure you’re a candidate for laser treatments. If you’re approved, then they’ll discuss potential risks and do’s and don’ts with you so your treatment is seamless and effective!

Ready to take the leap, or are just curious to find out more about laser hair removal? Elegant Reign offers exceptional service with high end laser technology. Book a free consultation with us and let us assist you with your hair-free journey! Service you can trust 😉


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