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Mood Boosters During Quarantine

Round 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown is here. We’re now getting off the “high” from a large dose of the holidays, and now after a few days of lying around the house with nothing to do (although beneficial for us to slow down the spread of COVID-19) many of us are experiencing some serious cabin fever. Instead of counting the individual hairs on your head, we’ve compiled a list of mood boosting activities to help with the anxiety and loneliness of dealing with isolation!

Get some Oh’s

What better way to improve your mood, than to enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm!? If you’re one of the lucky one’s to be isolated with your lover, time to take advantage of your time together. Try out new positions, explore potential fantasies...anything to take your mind off of the tension and concern, and increase joy and excitement!

For those of us flying solo during this time, trying out new toys, exploring new points of arousal, rewatching the 50 Shades of Grey series, are all new and exciting ways to enhance your self-pleasure experience. Other suggestions would be watching our favourite sexologist on YouTube, Shannon Boodram, and/or reading books like Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science that will Transform your Sex Life by: Emily Nagoski.

Get Moving!

Yes, I get it, you roll your eyes everytime you open your social media and see a new “at home workout to do”, but instead

of rolling your eyes at it….try it! Working out will boost your “happy hormones” and help lessen the stress. No, your workout doesn’t always have to be pushups and squats, instead, try YouTubing a belly dancing workout, pilates, or something that you haven’t tried before that’s exciting while getting your body moving!


This is the perfect time to connect with your inner self and/or higher being. Dedicate one day during the week, or an hour in the morning for either praying, meditation, introspection and intention setting for your day/week/the year ahead. Focusing your attention on spiritual and mental development is a great way to improve and strengthen who you are. You’ll be coming out of this quarantine with a renewed sense of self and well being!


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