Benefits of Laser Body Contouring

So we’ve all definitely tried some sort of method we heard our best friend’s, sister’s, ex-boyfriend’s, cousin tried for fat loss and cellulite reduction. Whether it be wrapping our bellies in Ceram wrap, rubbing pineapples against our thighs to remove cellulite, applying some sort of intense creams to tighten our skin, or even extreme forms of dieting, the results, if any, were very minimal and short-term.

Lotions, pills, teas, and potions all have these promises that that could be harmful to our bodies, expensive for our pockets, and may not even give results. So then what works? Well for starters, I will always stand my grounds and promote healthy eating and working out. This is the start to any body transformation. With that all said, if you’re like me, then you probably have a few stretchmarks you’re not proud of, dimples in your booty that you want gone, an ever so slight double chin, and a muffin top that no amounts of kale and Russian twists can even widdle away. Believe it or not, there is light at the end of this tunnel, and it’s called Laser Body & Face Contouring!!!!!!

Here are the reasons why I think Laser & Face Contouring is literally THE BEST solution for inch loss, tighter skin, and cellulite & stretchmark reduction;

1) It’s non-invasive. No cutting is required, which means there’s no healing time! You come in for your treatment, lay there while we laser you, and then BAM!! You can carry on with your day ;)

2) It’s painless. The whole procedure feels like a hot stone massage. We massage the area with a warm laser which breakdown the fat cells and burns them out of your body. The treatments are short, however with how relaxing it is, many clients fall asleep during the procedure.

3) It’s not harmful. As mentioned already, the heat of the laser burns away the fat and the toxins in your body. The fat is sent to your lymphatic system, which then drains out the fat via urine.

4) Burning the fat in one area, won’t result in another area on your body getting bigger. I’ve had plenty of clients who have tried CoolSculpting in the past, and majority has similar results. Although they’ve killed the fat in their flanks, for example, they’re now seeing the fat in their bellies, or upper arms, or some other area that wasn’t storing fat before.

5) Results are instant. No you will not do one session and see 5 inches off your waist, however, with just one session alone you will see and feel the treated area is tighter and smoother. I recently contoured the neck of a 60 year old woman, and after her first treatment, her neck was noticeably tighter and had much less folds! After 8 sessions, I’m sure the folds will be gone and she’ll be able to have her 20 yea