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My Mask is Making me Breakout

Like it or not, face masks have become a staple to our everyday attire. As important as it is to wear masks for protecting us and others from the Coronavirus, for many, masks are causing breakouts which are now being called “maskne” (as if hormonal and stress breakouts weren’t enough). Whether you’re wearing a surgical/non-surgical mask, I’m sure you’re probably noticing a change in your skin if you’re constantly having to wear one, and just like the rest of us, it’s frustrating the hell out of you! So, how do you prevent it or stop it? Try making these few adjustments to your daily face routine; 

  1. Wash your face TWICE A DAY EVERYDAY!!! – Even when we no longer have to wear a mask everyday, I still recommend washing your face twice a day everyday. Masks cause a lot of oil, dirt, and bacteria buildup on the skin it’s covering. Washing your face twice a day will decrease the amount of buildup in your pores. Be sure to use a good moisturizer afterwards!

  2. Use an acne face mask twice a week – If you’re a client of mine or you’ve been following @elegantreign (formally known as @lookoflovelashes) for a while, you’ve probably seen/heard about the Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Mask from The Body Shop. I highly recommend this mask, along with the entire Tea Tree Oil line. If the maskne that you’re experiencing is minimal – non-existent, then applying this mask once a week will be good enough for you. If you’ve seen an increase in maskne or an uncontrollable amount, then twice a week will suffice. You can also do spot treatments with it if you don’t want to apply it to your entire face. This clay mask will help to surface and clean up the bacterial/oil/dirt in your skin, allowing you to have cleaner and healthier skin.

  3. Less makeup – Because the mask is already creating so much buildup in your pores, adding makeup to the mix will only suffocate your skin that much more. If you can’t leave the house without having a little something on, use tinted moisturizer and a loose setting powder. My personal favourite line for both products is Laura Mericier. Their tinted moisturizer is so light, and allows for such an even complexion. It’s perfect for me!

  4. Aloe Vera – Many of you only consider Aloe Vera for burns/sun damage, but it’s also a great anti-inflammatory. After washing and toning your face, apply some Aloe, followed by the rest of the products in your skin care lineup. 

  5. Avoid using scented fabric softener – If you’re wearing reusable masks, washing your masks in scented detergent or using scented fabric softener, may be contributing to the irritation your skin is experiencing. Use unscented products and your skin will thank you!

  6. Laser skin rejuvenation – Our laser skin rejuvenation at Elegant Reign, assists with a variety of skin conditions including light to medium scarring from acne. If you’re an acne picker and are not dealing with the consequences on your face, book a free consultation with us and find out if you’re a candidate for this treatment. Many clients have also commented on the side benefits of our laser skin rejuvenation treatment, such as vanishing blackheads, which masks can also create. Additionally, laser skin rejuvenation helps to shrink pores, leaving minimal room for oil and dirt buildup! If you’re interested in this treatment, go to our “Book Online” page to book in your free consultation. 

  7. Zinc Oixide Mask – Zinc is another a natural anti-inflammatory, which will help against flare-ups popping up on your skin. Purchasing a mask with zinc oxide embedded into the lining of the mask, will be even more beneficial for your skin, especially if you’re having to wear the mask for long periods of time.

Face masks may be here to stay for while, so make sure you’re taking care of your skin underneath it!


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