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THE Summer '19 Lash Look!

As fabulous and dramatic as lash extensions are, truth be told, they are not for everyone. More and more am I getting bookings for lash lifts and tints, especially for the summer! Now just like extensions, lifts and tints are not for everyone, however today we’ll break down the benefits of a lash lift and tint and whether or not you’re a candidate for it.

First of all, let’s discuss what a lash lift and tint is. A lash lift and tint is when a lash technician chemically curls and colours your natural eyelashes. Just like a colour and perm would need to be maintained in your hair, a lift and tint would need to be done every 6 weeks in order to maintain the look. Too soon, and you will over-process your natural lashes, causing damage. This treatment will give your natural lashes a mascara-look, so all you will have to do in the morning is brush them and go!

Unlike lash extensions, the maintenance is very minimal. The only maintenance instruction for lift and tints is don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours! After that, you can do anything you please. You can apply mascara to your lashes, you can go swimming without concern about your extensions getting ruined, you can freely rub your eyes, you can even douse your face in oils if you like….you can literally go about as you normally would with a lash lift and tint, without any concerns of ruining your lash look! Because of these reasons, lash lifts and tints are definitely the go-to summer lash look. The tint will fade sooner than the curl, depending on how well you followed your maintenance instructions in the first 24 hours, however you can expect both the colour and curl to last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. My favourite benefit to lash lifts and tints is that you can apply oil to your lashes without worrying about losing the intended look! Every night I apply a small drop of Jojoba oil to my lashes (and thoroughly wash it off every morning to prevent a stye) so that I can lengthen and strengthen them. With a lift and tint, you can do the same, worry free! The final, yet very KEY benefit is that lash lifts and tints can pretty much work on anyone…especially those with allergies to lash extension adhesives! You won’t have to worry about runny, itchy eyes, or even infections from a lift and tint. Many of my lash lift and tint clients have allergies to lash extension adhesives, however they still want that added “umph” to their lashes!

The two key things you need in order to be considered a candidate for a lash lift and tint are strong, healthy lashes, and lashes that are longer than 6mm in length. Obviously the longer the better. If you’re lashes are broken or damaged, it’s highly advised that you wait until they get back to good health before doing a chemical treatment on it.

Overall, I would recommend lash lifts and tints for the summer. On top of the treatment being low maintenance, you can do anything you want with your lashes, they’re especially great for people who have allergies to lash extension adhesive, and the majority are candidates for this fast and easy treatment. Book with #LookOfLoveLashes today and let us give your lashes some TLC for the summer ;)


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