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Is Laser Hair Removal for Me?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Top 10 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal!

If you’re anything like me, then you too probably struggle with unwanted bodily hair in some of the most embarrassing places! Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have very minimal hair on your body, but would still like to be hair free. Either way, I’ve received all types of questions regarding laser hair removal and whether or not they will benefit from this treatment. Let me begin by stating that laser hair removal is not for everyone. There are a few factors, like, hormonal fluctuations, medications, illnesses, that may either completely prevent someone from getting the treatment, or may make them have to postpone the treatment until further notice. If you’re unclear if you may fall under this category, contact your doctor and find out if this treatment, or any laser treatment, is good for you.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, we can talk about the fun stuff! Yes, laser hair removal is absolutely fun, quick and easy. After the 2nd day of having my laser machine, I started my laser treatments literally on my entire body. I can definitely say it was well worth it and I’ve been continuing on my treatments since! Just like many of you, I too, was hesitant about ever getting laser hair removal, however after studying it and doing the application on myself any many others, I’ve seen a lot of success from it.

Here are the top 10 benefits from laser hair removal that I’ve either seen or experienced myself! Please note there a many more benefits beyond these ones, but these are the ones I’ve seen on my clients or have experienced on myself.

1. Pain Free! Yes you heard that correctly, LASER HAIR REMOVAL IS PAIN-FREE!! That’s if you’re getting it done at #LookOfLoveLashes of course! I can’t speak on other salons and their machines, but, the machine that is used here allows for a pain-free and affective procedure. The tip stays cold so the heat of the laser is being counteracted, which allows the client to remain comfortable throughout the entire treatment. The most that you will feel is the sensation of a rubber band being flicked at you, aside from that, you’ll be completely relaxed!

2. Targets course hair without causing damage to your skin. Some hair removal treatments, like waxing or shaving, can cause disruptions to your skin while cleaning up the hair growing from it. Laser hair removal only targets your hair while leaving your skin undisrupted (assuming you’re not taking any medications that may make you photosensitive, and your technician has set the parameters of your machine correctly).

3. Results within 3-7 sessions! Of course this varies per person, however many clients have reported seeing slower to no hair growth in the areas that have been treated for laser hair removal.

4. No razor bumps or cuts. As mentioned above, laser will leave your skin untouched and undamaged! After each of your sessions, you will be left with smooth and supple skin.

5. No accidentally waxing off your skin or blistering from waxing. Grab your popcorn, and find a comfy seat because it’s story tiiiiiime!!! (WARNING: reading this story may lead to nightmares about your va-jay-jay) A little while back I had a lash client of mine tell me a very haunting story about a Brazilian wax job that she received from a very reputable salon. She has her waxing lady that she typically goes to and, according to her, does an amazing job, however this one time that she needed to book with her, she couldn’t because she was fully booked. This resulted in my client making an appointment with a salon. When she went to her appointment, the lady used hard wax (which from what I’m told is the correct wax to use on your Brazilian region) that was still pretty hot. After removing the first strip, my client exclaimed for her to stop for moment because that first strip really hurt and she needed to take a breather. In spite of her request, the waxing professional told her she’ll be fine and continued to wax her. When the job was complete, my client said she was left in dire pain and couldn’t even walk properly. Within a few days, after getting waxed, my client said she developed several painful blisters throughout her entire Brazilian region. She stormed back into the salon, took the manager into a waxing room, dropped her pants and showed her the damage. My clients ended up buying 4 pairs of maternity pants to wear to work because it was too painful to wear anything tight or abrasive. This went on for about 4 weeks, and the blisters were fairly healed by the end. Even though the blisters were gone, there was still evidence that the area faced intense trauma! She had several ingrown hairs, and till this day, she is left with some empty bumps as a reminder of how ugly waxing can get. With laser, at least the with the laser treatments from #LookOfLoveLashes, there’s no reason for concern about having skin removed or blistering while trying to remove your hair. As long as you’re considered an ideal client then laser hair removal should be trauma free.

6. Treats “strawberry legs” or any other body part that has dark pores from shaving. Especially for women of colour, shaving can often times result in hair getting courser and pores getting clogged, which leaves embarrassing dark/black spots all over your skin. This happens because the hair follicles are getting larger and/or the pores are getting filled with sweat, dirt, and oil. (Please note there are a few other reasons for strawberry legs, however, this is the most common reason that I’ve seen.) There are a few temporary solutions to strawberry legs, like waxing and special scrubs, however, laser treatments are at the top of the list as one of the most effective solutions! The laser will shrink the follicles which will treat the skin and clear up the unwanted spots.

7. Treats areas that become darker in pigment due to the irritation of shaving. Once again, this problem typically arises on women of colour, including myself. After constantly dragging sharp razor blades against your skin (usually underarms and Brazilian) the skin in that region gets irritated and darker in pigment. Because you’re no longer needing the razor and because the follicles are shrinking, laser hair removal assists in bringing those dark patches, due to shaving, back to their true colour! I myself have seen this on my underarms, and I’m no longer self-conscious about the look of them.

8. Treatments are fast and convenient. Larger areas like legs and back take about 40-60 minutes (depending on the size of the surface area) to treat for laser hair removal, but most treatments take anywhere between 10-20 minutes! Also, unlike waxing, laser hair removal allows you to shave between appointments. No more having to feel beastly between treatments, no more preventing your significant other from touching you between treatments! Go ahead, shave ;)

9. No ingrown hairs! Laser hair removal will help to open your pores allowing the hairs to grown without disruption. Also, forget about having to pick and pull the hairs out yourself! These treatments will also treat ingrown hairs so you don’t have to!

10. Time saving and cost effective. Spend less time in your shower shaving and decrease the amount on your water bill! Furthermore, stop spending money on razors, waxing, and shaving creams!

Being smooth and hair free in the areas you no longer want hair is surely life changing! Speaking from my own experience, laser has hair removal has made my very busy life easier, given more time in my packed schedule, and has boosted my confidence and made me feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin all the time. If you haven’t booked your free consultation with #LookOfLoveLashes yet, definitely do so. Why keep putting this off when you know it will assist you with your daily beauty routine? If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via phone call; (905) 922-4146, or via email; and we’ll happily assist you! Aside from unwanted hair, what could you possibly lose?


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